Fast Growing Residential Cleaning Services by Extra Cleaning on Demand
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Fast growing residential cleaning Services

residential cleaning

Fast growing residential cleaning Services

The residential cleaning services have been growing very fast in the last few years. Some of the most offered services in this cleaning sub-sector include window, carpet, house cleaning services, and other like services. The residential cleaning industry is thought to be worth over $30 billion in the US market alone.

There are several reasons why residential cleaning is taking the market by storm as explained below.

Busy lifestyles

Most people lead a busy life every day of the week. They have to juggle between school, work, and maintain their relations. The time left for all these activities is too short to clean and arrange your home. In such a case, residential cleaning services come to your rescue by getting your house clean while you attend to your services.

 Bigger houses

With the prevailing mortgage rates and large disposable income among the population, people are able to acquire bigger homes that it has been in the past. Bigger homes mean that you will; have to work for long to clean the entire home which is time-consuming and tiresome. The residential services take care of the problem with a large number of house cleaners and special cleaning equipment.

Homes are getting dirtier

The new technologies and consumer products in the market bring about stubborn stains and lots of trash at home. Toys, fast foods, and other substances make your home unsightly in a short while. Your best bet is the residential cleaning services to keep everything clean and arranged.

An aging population                 

There is a growing number of baby boomers in US and other developed countries around the world. The aging population finds itself unable to clean their homes effectively due to age factor and health problems. Moreover, most of them would like to live in their homes through their sunset years rather than go to homes for the elderly. They are now hiring more house cleaning services providers to handle the work for them.

You can trust our cleaning services to deliver

Is any of the above factors affecting your ability to keep your house spotless? You can rely on our services to deliver fast and effectively at pocket-friendly rates. We have built a reputation for quality, promptness, and affordability. Therefore, there is no reason why you should struggle with your cleaning or live in a dirty home. Contact us today through our app (Extra Cleaning app) or give us a call and will be there is a short time.

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