Residential Cleaning Service App by Extra Cleaning on Demand Utah
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Why would you work with Extra?


We connect you with clients you would probably never know about.


You decide when and how often to accept the opportunity to work.


You will increase your earning capacity without the cost of advertising, or any other cost related to business expansion.

Are you looking for a fun and flexible work environment? Extra is what you need. Here at Extra, we are looking for reliable and professional people, willing to join this incredible group of cleaning professionals. How much will you earn? It depends on how much you are willing to work. Is cleaning new to you? No worries we will train you. Your success will only depend on you. Start now by becoming a cleaning partner. Submit your application today!

Join our amazing team. Don’t waste any more time, Be in control of your own career.

How do you get paid? Extra will automatically charge the client according to the number of hours you work. Your money will then be automatically deposited every month on the 10th, compensating you for work performed the previous month. For example, you get paid on February 10th for the work you perform in January. You can keep track of your earnings from the Partner App so you know exactly how much you should expect every month.


Approval Rate

All you need is a vehicle, hours available and clean background.


Become a Certified Cleaner

Attend a 1 hour online training and take a simple test


Credit Card

We require a valid credit card number to make confirm your Identity


Desire to work

If you are happy person that enjoys cleaning, you're half way there!

Extra is investing heavily in your area to build a large network of clients. Potential clients will have access to the Extra Client App where they can request specific services whenever they need or want them. Once a request is submitted, Extra will notify 3-5 cleaning partners, based on availability and proximity. If you are available, you will need to send a response via the Extra Partner APP and the client will make a final decision of who is to be chosen for the services. The more services you provide the better chance you will have of getting jobs and building your ratings.

Number of Active Partners

Take the next step now a submit your application 

Number of clients

We have clients all of the USA waiting for your residential services 

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Residential Cleaning has been fully redefined by Extra. Join us now!