Residential Cleaning App by Extra Cleaning on Demand Utah
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Residential Cleaning APP

Residential Cleaning APP

Residential cleaning APP

Many homeowners grapple with the issue of cleaning because their busy schedules cannot allow them to perform thorough cleaning. Fortunately, all that is a thing of the past all thanks to the residential cleaning App. Through this App, homeowners can easily find cleaning services that they can count on. In addition, this app will also be useful for anyone looking at partnering with extra cleaners.

The residential cleaning app presents numerous benefits to home owners and potential partners alike. For clients to receive the professional services, they need to download the client app. Clients can use this app to schedule or immediately request a service and within 30 minutes, a trained cleaner will be ready to offer the service. The app is easy to use and has a user friendly interface thus saving you the hassle that comes with finding reliable services. To use this app, simply download the client app and create your profile. Whenever you need cleaning services, simply push the button.

Aspiring partners also need to download the partner app as it also acts as the gateway to joining the company and getting connected with clients. In addition, this app allows partners to keep records and track their income. Partners too will have an easy time using this app. To become a partner, simply download the partner app and fill out your information which will be subjected to a background check. If you qualify you will then receive training and you are ready to kick-start a solid career.

Courtesy of the residential cleaning app, there will be no more time wastage. This app connects clients to the nearest cleaning partner. In addition, this app also acts as an interaction platform where you can air your grievances and post comments. Moreover, you need not worry about the safety of your personal information. The app is properly secured hence unauthorized people cannot access your information or tamper with your profile.

The residential cleaning app is more than enough proof of how extra cleaners has made strides in the cleaning industry. It is through such innovation that clients will be able to get reliable cleaning services from trustworthy professionals. With the peace of mind offered by this app, clients can go about their work without having to worry about the safety of their property or the results of the service. Now that you already know the ideal company to get the best cleaning services, let no one convince you otherwise. To enjoy these services, the residential cleaning app is all you need!


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