Residential Cleaning Services by Extra Cleaning on Demand
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Residential Services 

residential cleaning services

Residential Services 

We admit that residential cleaning services is not the best and the easiest of the jobs especially when you have pets, small kids and are always out of the house and in the workplace or school. However, Most of the people still find it hard to get the right residential cleaning services due to the lengthy hiring process and the fact that most cleaning companies require people to sign up to long contracts for the services.

We have now made it easier to get your home cleaned. You can reach us with a click of a button. There are no lengthy procedures before we get to work. We also do not require you to sign any contract or impose funny terms in the process.

We recognize that underlying reason to hire us is to make your home clean. Therefore, we get to work as soon as you make the request online. We have teams of customer care professionals waiting to serve you. Therefore, it will not take ages before you get someone to respond to your request of residential cleaning.

Once we come to your home, we also have a quick methodology to get everything clean in a short period. The number of cleaners and equipment that we will come with depends on the size of the house, the amount, and type of work to be done. You will be amazed by the speed by which we will have done the work while leaving everything looking clean and well arranged.

Health experts attest that we get more than a half of non-communicable diseases and conditions such food and water borne diseases, skin problems, allergies and so forth from dirty homes. If it takes long before you conduct deep cleaning of your home, the chances are that you are courting an infection to one or many of the family members. Moreover, if you have small children, there is a greater chance that they will get sick from exposure to dirt.

On the other hand, if you have pets such as dogs and cats at home, you need to clean up their sleeping and living process as many times, as you can to lower incidence of dander and parasites ruining your comfort at home.

You can rely on us to ensure that your house looks clean and smells fresh faster just by clicking the ‘Contact Us ‘button. We have a long list of homes whose occupants smile at the mention of our name. Join them today.

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