Best House Cleaning Services by Extracd at the Most Relaible Prices
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Time to try our cleaning services

cleaning services

Time to try our cleaning services

We all love to live in a place that is clean and smelling fresh. It is not only good for your health, but it also makes you better at what you are doing. We offer comprehensive home cleaning services to meet your hygiene and cleanliness goals.

Get busy doing what you like while we clean your home

There is hardly enough time to work, enjoy your life, and clean your house. It almost feels like wasting time when cleaning the house. Fortunately, you can have your life and meet your goals as we take care of the house. Our cleaning services are designed to give a peace of mind and give you the free time you need.

We can work on the stubborn stain too

Is the floor stained or the windows looking all nasty? We have the right expertise and equipment to deal with all the stubborn stains that are giving you problems. Do not break your back scrubbing and mopping all day. We can be of help in keeping the whole home spotless.

We offer a wide range of services

We offer a wide range of quality cleaning services to take care of every part of your home. They include

  • Window cleaning

We get rid streaks and smudges on your windowpanes in no time

  • Carpet cleaning

We clean all types of carpets to get rid of dander, dirt, and odors to keep your carpet clean.

  • Construction cleaning

Have you just finished constructing your new home? Let make it habitable before you move in by removing all trash that was generated during the construction.

  • Moving in and out cleaning

Are you moving or out of your residence. Let us make the house worth living if you are moving and better for the next occupant if you are moving out.

  • Kitchen cleaning

We deal with grease on your sink, oven and cooking pans. We clean the corners and all areas that the little vermin hide. A clean kitchen guarantees that you take food that is not contaminated.

 We lead in green cleaning

We use eco-friendly cleaning detergents as part our commitment to maintaining environmental quality. Our detergents do not contaminate your water or damage the crops.

It is time you tried our services and experience all-around home cleanliness at the most competitive price. We have put a smile in hundreds of homeowners like yourself. Do not sweat over cleaning your home. Contact us today and spend the time doing something else that beneficial to you.

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